The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is situated between latitudes 21 degrees and 27 degrees north and longitudes 72 degrees and 79 degrees west. An archipelago of 700 coralline limestone islands formed by the two oceanic banks of Little Bahama and Great Bahama. Islands are usually long and narrow, rising to a low ridge backed by lagoons and swamps; 30 are inhabited.

Name: Commonwealth of the Bahamas
Location: Carribean
Status: UN Member
Capital City: Nassau
Main Cities: Freeport
Population: 272,000 Area []:13,880
Languages: English
Religions: Protestant

National Anthem:
Lift up your head to the rising sun, Bahamaland;
March on to glory, your bright banners waving high.
See how the world marks the manner of your bearing!
Pledge to excel through love and unity.
Pressing onward, march together to a common loftier goal;
Steady sunward, though the weather hide the wide and treach'rous shoal.
Lift up your head to the rising sun, Bahamaland;
'Til the road you've trod
Lead unto your God,
March on, Bahamaland!

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