On northwest coast of Borneo (Kalimantan) between latitudes 4 degrees to 6 degrees north and longitudes 114 degrees to 116 degrees east. Surrounded on landward side by Sarawak, one of two non-peninsular states of Malaysia. Consists of two enclaves separated from each other by the Limbang River valley, part of Sarawak. Has an alluvial plain on west side and a swampy coastal plain. Much of coastal zone covered by dense equatorial forest. Eastern part hilly, mountainous near border with Sarawak.

Name: Brunei Darussalam
Location: Asia
Status: UN Member
Capital City: Bandar Seri Begawan
Main Cities: Freeport
Population: 282,000
Area []:5,770
Languages: Malay, English
Religions: Muslim, Buddhist, Christian

National Anthem:
Ya Allah lanjutkanlah usia
Duli Tuanku Yang Maha Mulia
Adil berdaulat menaungi nosa
Memimpin rakyat kekal bahagia
Hidup sentosa
Negara dan Sultan
Ilahi selamatkan Brunei Darussalam.

Oh God, long live our Majesty the Sultan
Justice and Sovereignty in sheltering our
country and leading our people
Prosperity to our Nation and Sultan
God Save Brunei.

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