Cayman Islands

Three islands of Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac lie in Caribbean Sea northwest of Jamaica latitude 19 degrees north and longitude 79 degrees to 82 degrees west. Low-lying, hardly more than 18 metres above sea level except in Cayman Brac where eastern end rises to 42 metres; rock-bound coasts protected by coral reefs enclosing a few fair anchorages. No rivers.

Name: Cayman Islands
Location: Caribbean
Status: Territory
Capital City: George Town
Population: 32,000
Languages: English

National Anthem:
O land of soft, fresh breezes
And verdant trees so fair,
With the Creator's glory
Reflected ev'rywhere,
O sea of palest em'rald,
Merging to darkest blue,
Whene'er my thoughts fly Godward,
I always think of you.

Dear, verdant island, set in blue Caribbean Sea,
I'm coming, coming very soon, O beautious isle, to thee.
Although I wandered far,
My heart enshrines thee yet.
Homeland, fair Cayman Isle,
I cannot thee forget.

Away from noise of cities,
Their fret and carking care,
With moonbeams' soft caresses,
Unchecked by garish glare,
Thy fruit with rarest juices,
Abundant, rich and free,
When sweet church bells are chiming,
My fond heart yearns for thee.

When tired of all excitement
And glam'rous worldly care,
How sweet thy shores to reach
And find a welcome there,
And when comes on the season
Of peace, goodwill to man,
'Tis then I love thee best of all,
Beloved Isle Cayman.

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