The Commonwealth of Dominica is the most northerly of the Windward Islands in the Caribbean sea, latitude 16 degrees north longitude 62 degrees west. Roughly rectangular in shape, mountainous and well-watered. Ridges with spurs in north; Morne Diablotin 1 447 metres. Cliffs in south.

Name: Commonwealth of Dominica
Location: Caribbean
Status: UN Member
Capital City: Roseau
Main Cities: Portsmouth
Population: 71,000
Area []:750
Languages: English, French, Creole
Religions: Roman Catholic

National Anthem:
Isle of beauty, isle of splendour,
Isle to all so sweet and fair,
All must surely gaze in wonder
At thy gifts so rich and rare.
Rivers, valleys, hills and mountains,
All these gifts we do extol.
Healthy land, so like all fountains,
Giving cheer that warms the soul.

Dominica, God hath blest thee
With a clime benign and bright,
Pastures green and flowers of beauty
Filling all with pure delight,
And a people strong and healthy,
Full of godly, rev'rent fear.
May we ever seek to praise Thee
For these gifts so rich and rare.

Come ye forward, sons and daughters
Of this gem beyond compare.
Strive for honor, sons and daughters,
Do the right, be firm, be fair.
Toil with hearts and hands and voices.
We must prosper! Sound the call,
In which ev'ry one rejoices,
"All for Each and Each for All."

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