Most southerly of Windward Islands in eastern Caribbean Sea on latitude 12 degrees north and longitude 62 degrees west. Comprises main island of Grenada and the Grenadine Islands of Ronde, Petit Martinique and Carriacou. Mountainous, with thick forest and brushwood, springs and rapid rivers; slopes gradually to east and southeast coast. A lake, Grand Etang, exists in crater of volcanic origin at 532 metres.

Name: State of Grenada
Location: Caribbean
Status: UN Member
Capital City: St. George's
Population: 92,000
Area []:340
Languages: English
Religions: Roman Catholic

National Anthem:
Hail! Grenada, land of ours,
We pledge ourselves to thee,
Heads, hearts and hands in unity
To reach our destiny.
Ever conscious of God,
Being proud of our heritage,
May we with faith and courage
Aspire, build, advance
As one people, one family.
God bless our nation.

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