Archipelago in Mediterranean on latitude 36 degrees north and longitude 15 degrees east. Consists of islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino

Name: Republic of Malta
Location: Europe
Status: UN Member
Capital City: Valletta
Population: 364,000
Area []:320
Languages: Maltese, English
Religions: Roman Catholic

National Anthem:
Lil din l-Art helwa, l-Omm li tatna isimha
Hares, Mulej, Kifdefjem Int harist:
Ftakar li lilha bilohla dawl libbist!
Aghti, Kbir Alla, id deh'n lil min jahkimha,
Rodd ilhniena lissid, sahha 'lhaddiem:
ilghaqda filMaltin u ssleim!

Guard her, O Lord, as ever Thou hast guarded
This Motherland so dear whose name we bear!
Keep her in mind whom Thou hast made so fair!
May he who rules for wisdom be regarded,
In master mercy, strength in man increase!
Confirm us all in unity and peace!

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