Pear-shaped island in Indian Ocean off east coast of Madagascar at latitude 20 degrees to 21 degrees, south longitude 57 degrees to 58 degrees east. Includes Rodrigues Island - formerly a dependency and now a part of the state of Mauritius, located at latitude 19 degrees 40' south longitude 63 degrees 30' east. Encircled by coral reef with extensive plains rising gently towards central plateau.

Name: Republic of Mauritius
Location: Africa
Status: UN Member
Capital City: Port Louis
Main Cities: Beau-Bassin
Population: 1,120,000
Area []:2,040
Languages: English, French, Creole
Religions: Hindu, Roman Catholic, Muslim

National Anthem:
Glory to thee, Motherland,
O motherland of mine.
Sweet is thy beauty,
Sweet is thy fragrance,
Around thee we gather
As one people,
As one nation,
For peace, justice and liberty.
Beloved country, may God bless thee
ever and ever.

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