Archipelago of more than 100 islands in western Indian Ocean mainly between latitudes 4 degrees and 5 degrees south and longitudes 55 degrees and 56 degrees. Consists of Mahe group of 41 steeply mountainous granitic islands, and outlying coralline group of flat coral islands. The three neighboring islands of Aldabra, Farquhar, and Desroches, which were dependencies of the Seychelles until 1965 and belonged to the British Indian Ocean Territory after that time, were returned to Seychelles control in 1976. Main island Mahe 144 square kilometres.

Name: Republic of Seychelles
Location: Africa
Status: UN Member
Capital City: Victoria
Main Cities: Freeport
Population: 73,000
Area []:280
Languages: English, French, Creole
Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant

National Anthem:
Avec couraz e disipline nou ti briz tou barier.
Gouvernaye dan nou lamin, nou pou reste touzour Frer.
Zamin, zamin nou pou aret lite.
Plito lamor qui viv dan lesclavaz!
Zamin, zamin nou pou aret lite.
Legalite pou nou tou!
Laliberte pou tou zour!

Debout, Zome lib!
Fier Seychellois,
Nou la port ine ouvert.
Nou semin ine trace,
Nou soleil ine leve,
Nou pa pou tourne derier.
Debout, Zome lib!
Debout, Seychellois!
Enou reste dan Linite, dan Laliberte!

Avec dignite nou later nou bezouin kiltive,
Ave determinasion lamer nou pou exploite.
Enou touzour mars nou tou ensam,
Pou recolte tou sa qui noune sinmin.
Enou tou zour mars nou tou ensam,
Fraternite dan leker, nou lavenir devan nou.


With courage and discipline we have broken all barriers.
With the tiller in our hands, we will always remain brothers.
Never, never shall we cease struggling.
Death rather than to live in slavery!
Never, never shall we cease struggling.
Equality for all of us! Freedom for ever!

Rise, free men!
Proud Seychellois, our doors are open.
Our path is traced,
Our sun has risen,
We will not turn back.
Rise, free men!
Rise, Seychellois!
Let us remain in unity and liberty.

With dignity we must cultivate our land,
With determination we must exploit our seas.
Let us for ever march together
To harvest all we have planted.
Let us for ever march together,
Fraternity in our hearts, to the future ahead of us.

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