Southeast Asian state on latitude 1 degree north and longitude 104 degrees east, at southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia. Comprises Singapore Island and some 59 islets. Highest point Bukit Timah 178 metres. Mainly low-lying island with central plateau.

Name: Republic of Singapore
Location: Asia
Status: UN Member
Capital City: Singapore
Main Cities: Freeport
Population: 2,826,000
Area []:620
Languages: Chinese, Malay, Tamil, English
Religions: Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Taoist , Hindu

National Anthem:
Mari kita ra'yat
Singapura sama sama menuju bahagia.
Chita chita kita yang mulia
Berjaya Singapura!
Marilah kita bersatu,
Dengan semangat yang baru.
Semua kita berseru
Majulah Singapura,
Majulah Singapura! Marira!

Let us, the people of Singapore, together march
forward towards happiness. Our noble aspiration
is to see Singapore achieve success.
Let us unite in a new spirit. We all pray:
May Singapore Progress, May Singapore Progress.

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