Solomon Islands

Archipelago lying between latitudes 5 degrees and 13 degrees south and longitudes 155 degrees and 170 degrees east in Melanesian region of Pacific Ocean. Consists of a double row of islands: the South Solomons, including Guadalcanal, Malaita, San Cristobal (Makira), New Georgia, Santa Isabel (Boghotu), Choiseul, and numerous smaller islands (North Solomon Islands are part of Papua New Guinea). Mountainous, covered with dense rainforests. No navigable rivers.

Name: Solomon Islands
Location: Oceania
Status: UN Member
Capital City: Honiara
Main Cities: Freeport
Population: 366,000
Area []:28,900
Languages: English, numerous local languages
Religions: Protestant, Roman Catholic

National Anthem:
God save our Solomon Islands from shore to shore.
Bless all her people and her Lands
With Your protecting hands.
Joy, Peace, Progress and Prosperity;
That men should brothers be, make nations see.
Our Solomon Islands, Our Solomon Islands,
Our Nation, Solomon Islands,
Stands for evermore.

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