Situated on East African seaboard between latitudes 1 degree and 11 degrees south and longitudes 30 degrees and 40 degrees east. The United Republic of Tanzania was formed by union of mainland Tanganyika with islands of Zanzibar and Pemba. Terrain includes highest point in Africa: Mt. Kilimanjaro, snow-capped all year round, 5 886 metres above sea level. Major rivers include Ruvu, Wami and Rufiji. Country mostly bush and woodland; varies from beaches in east to a scrubland plain in the central and mountains in southwest and northeast.

Name: United Republic of Tanzania
Location: Africa
Status: UN Member
Capital City: Dodoma
Main Cities: Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Tanga, Mwanza
Population: 29,755,000
Area [sq.km]:13,880
Languages: Swahili, English, local dialects
Religions: Animist, Christian, Muslim

National Anthem:
Mungu ibariki Africa
Wabariki Viongozi wake
Hekima Umoja na
Amani Hizi ni ngao zetu
Afrika na watu wake.

Ibariki Afrika
Ibariki Afrika
Tubariki watoto wa Afrika.

Mungu ibariki Tanzania
Dumisha uhuru na Umoja
Wake kwa Waume na Watoto
Mungu Ibariki Tanzania na watu wake.

Ibariki Tanzania
Ibariki Tanzania
Tubariki watoto wa Tanzania.

God Bless Africa.
Bless its leaders.
Let Wisdom Unity and
Peace be the shield of
Africa and its people.

Bless Africa,
Bless Africa,
Bless the children of Africa.

God Bless Tanzania.
Grant eternal Freedom and Unity
To its sons and daughters.
God Bless Tanzania and its People.

Bless Tanzania,
Bless Tanzania,
Bless the children of Tanzania.

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