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  Queen's Baton Relay

The Baton
The Queen's Baton Relay
The Queen's Baton Relay International Leg
The Queen's Baton Relay Local Leg
SUKOM 98 Roadshow

The Baton


The Concept:

The design for the Baton of the Kuala Lumpur 98 XVI Commonwealth Games Queen's Relay has been conceptualized from a traditional Malay artifact, the 'Gobek' a unique cylindrical areca nut-pounder widely used and displayed in Malay homes.

The 'Gobek' is an important element of the 'Tepak Sireh', a tray comprising an array of items such as: betel leaves, gambier, lime and areca nut. Visitors to traditional Malay homes are warmly welcomed and often served with the 'Tepak Sireh' which holds the 'Gobek'. Both host and guests will fill up the 'Gobek' with these items and pound them finely before consuming.

The 'Gobek' has long been regarded as an indispensable tool in welcoming and entertaining visitors to traditional Malay homes. It reflects closeness and friendliness between the host and guests, and exudes a warm ambience.

Both the 'Tepak Sireh' and the 'Gobek' are timeless items prominently used during traditional Malay ceremonies and functions, engagements, weddings and cultural events among others.

Owing to the warm and friendly atmosphere created around it, it is befitting that the 'Gobek' , unique as it is, has been chosen as the concept for the Baton of the Kuala Lumpur 98 Games Queen's Relay. After all, the Commonwealth Games have commonly been known as the 'Friendly Games'.

The Motif:

The Kuala Lumpur 98 Games Logo has been developed from the National Flower, the 'Bunga Raya' (Hibiscus). Likewise, the motif for the Baton also incorporates the 'Bunga Raya'. The hibiscus flower outline has been artistically and tastefully designed on the Baton, giving it a unique and traditionally rich appearance.

Hollow and cylindrical, to contain the Queen's Message written on a sheet of paper measuring 13 in. X 8in. (33.0 cm X 20.3 cm) ;

The hand crafted Baton is produced and contributed by Mariwasa Kraftangan Sdn Bhd.

Material used : Pure silver with gold trimming


The Queen's Baton Relay

  1. What is the Queen's Baton Relay?
      The Queen's Baton Relay is to the Commonwealth Games what the Torch is to the Olympics. It is an integral part of the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. This tradition started at the VI Empire and Commonwealth Games in Cardiff, Wales in 1958. The specially crafted Baton will carry the Queen's message from Buckingham Palace. It may travel through some Commonwealth countries before arriving at the Host country. The Queen's message will be read by the President of the Commonwealth Games Federation, HRH The Prince Edward, at the Opening Ceremony of the Kuala Lumpur 98 XVI Commonwealth Games.

  2. How will the relay be organized?
      There will be two distinct parts to the Relay International and Domestic. The International leg will be organized by the Commonwealth Games Federation and the Domestic leg by Sukom Ninety Eight Berhad. In the International leg the Baton will travel from London through some Commonwealth countries. The Domestic leg will begin from Sabah in July 1998 and proceed through Sarawak and all the states in Peninsular Malaysia before making its way to the Main Stadium, Bukit Jalil for the Opening Ceremony on September 11.

  3. What protocol is to be observed for the Relay?
      The Baton will be handed over by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to a Malaysian medalist of the previous Games at Buckingham Palace on 9 March 1998. This will mark the start of the International leg of the Run.
Queen's Baton Relay International Leg

 Date  Country / City  Officer Accompanying
 9.3.98  Buckingham Palace, England
 Marlborough House, England
 09.3.98  Manchester, England  SUKOM/CGF
 10.5.98  Wales  Myraddin John
 18.3.98  Nairobi, Kenya  Kip Keino
 04.4.98  Kingston, Jamaica  Pilot, Air Jamaica.
 05.5.98  Africa  Sharad Rao
 07 or 08.5.98  Gabarone, Botswana  Sharad Rao
 14 or 15.5.98  D.Es Salaam, Tanzania  Sharad Rao
 * TBC  Mozambique  TBC
 20/21 or 22.5.98  New Delhi, India  Sharad Rao
 01 - 04.5.98  Suva, Fiji  Arthur Tunstall
 05 - 26.5.98  Sydney, Australia  Arthur Tunstall
 27.5.98 - 04.6.98  Melbourne, Australia  Arthur Tunstall
 06 - 09.6.98  Norfolk Island  Arthur Tunstall
 10 - 15.6.98  Tour Wellington Environs  Michael Hooner
 15 - 20.6.98  Apia Samoa  Own arrangement
 21 or 28.6 98  Belize, City Belize  *TBC
 02.7.98  Ottawa, Canada  *TBC
 *TBC  Caribbean Tour  *TBC
 03 - 04.7.98  Singapore  *TBC
 04 - 05.7.98  Brunei  *TBC
 04 - 05.7.98  Brunei  *TBC
 07 - 10.9.98  Tour of Malaysia  SUKOM
* TBC - To be confirmed

Queen's Baton Run Local Leg
Receiving States of Queen's Baton

 Date  Handover State  Receiving State
 7 July  Sukom
 Sabah, Tawau
 17 July  Sabah  Sarawak, Lawas
 7 August  Sarawak  Johor, Senai
 11 August  Johor  Malacca, Sg Rambai
 13 August  Malacca  Negeri Sembilan, Tampin
 14 August  Negeri Sembilan  Selangor, Beranang
 17 August  Selangor  Perak, Sg Bernam
 20 August  Perak  Pulau Pinang, Parit Buntar
 22 August  Pulau Pinang  Kedah, Langkawi
 24 August  Kedah, Langkawi  Perlis, Kuala Perlis Kedah, Kodiang
 27 August  Kedah  Perak, Jitra
 29 August  Perak  Kelantan, Jeli
 1 Sept  Kelantan  Trengganu, Bukit Yong
 5 Sept  Trengganu  Pahang, Cerating
 9 Sept  Pahang  Selangor, Karak Tunnel

SUKOM 98 Roadshow
With Minister Of Youth And Sports

 Location  Date of Event  No. of Days  No of Accomodation/Mode
 WP Kuala Lumpur  31.5.98  01  Nil
 Perlis, Kangar  07.6.98  03  2 days Road
 Langkawi, Kedah  12.6.98  02  2 days Road/Sea
 Alor Setar  13.6.98  02  1 day Road
 Sarawak  23.6.98  03  2 days Air/Road
 Penang  30.6.98  03  2 days Road
 Perak  04.7.98  03  2 days Road
 Kelantan  09.7.98  03  2 days Road
 Pahang  18.7.98  02  2 days Road
 Malacca  20.7.98  02  2 days Road
 Trengganu  23.7.98  02  2 days Road
 Johor  25.7.98  02  2 days Road
 N.Sembilan  27.7.98  02  2 days Road
 Sabah  01.8.98  03  2 days Air/Road
 Labuan  04.8.98  03  2 days Air/Road
 Selangor  08.8.98  01  Nil Road
 Total    37  27 days

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