National Stadium, Bukit Jalil


The main outdoor stadium, occupying the central and most prominent position in the National Sports Complex, is designed to harmonize the best of national and international architecture. It is located about 600 metres from the Games Village.

The principal technical characteristic of the 100,000-capacity stadium is the overlapping of the three spectator tiers. All functional and secondary areas are accommodated on two levels below the main concourse. The design incorporates a roof over the entire spectator seating areas.

An integral part of the design is that it allows a complete separation of the crowds, the athletes, the VIPs, the press, and the administration. The concourse level is the only distribution level, thus allowing easier orientation. VIP areas are located adjacent to the main lobby. Air-conditioned viewing galleries for VIPs are provided in accordance to protocol requirements.

Competition Area

  • Playing field, 68 m x 105 m, with natural grass
  • Nine-lane, 400 m tartan track with pit for steeplecase
  • A ten-lane 100 m track
  • Scoreboard (full-colour video matrix type)
  • Lighting system for colour television broadcast
  • Marathon and service gates
  • Water jump hurdle

Track and Steeplechase
The track, laid in accordance to IAAF's specifications, comprises nine-lanes of rekortan synthetic surface. The water-jump for steeplechase is laid on the exterior of the nine-lane track.

Warm-Up Centres
Adjacent to the main stadium are two warm-up centres for warming up prior to competitions:

  • National Sports Council track and jump centre
  • National Sports Council throwing centre
These centres are located to the south-east of the Main Stadium where entry to the hold-up area is via a tunnel.

Training Centres
In addition to the Main Stadium, the following training centres are also available:

  • National Sports Council Track and Jump Centre (Eight-lane synthetic track)
  • National Sports Council Throwing Centre (Synthetic runways surface)
  • Maybank Sports Complex (Eight-lane synthetic track)
  • Bank Simpanan Nasional Sports Complex (Eight-lane synthetic track)

The start and finish of both the marathons (men and women) will be based at the Merdeka Square. This area was chosen for its unique environment and space availability for the setting up of all necessary facilities.

The exact distance of 42,195 metres shall be measured and certified by two IAAF road measurers. The whole course will be resurfaced.

Refreshment and sponging stations will also be provided in accordance to IAAF specifications.


All three walking events will be held at Lake Titiwangsa at Jalan Kuantan, Kuala Lumpur. This lake is located approximately 18 km from the Games Village. The 2.615 km circuit is fringed with flowers and greens.

The circuit will be measured and certified by IAAF road measurers. It will also be re-surfaced.


Other Sports Venues
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