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Kuala Lumpur Badminton Stadium, Cheras

National Sports Complex

The Kuala Lumpur Badminton Stadium, completed in 1989, is impressively situated at Jalan Cheras, approximately 7 km away from the Games Village. The stadium and its vast parking area, occupying a total area of 2.02 hectares, is divided into three levels.

The playing courts, medical room, storage rooms, public utilities, information booth, and ticketing kiosks are located on the first level. On the second level are the venue operations room, sub-press centre, results distribution centre, VIP lounge, doping control centre and other basic amenities. The areas for the TV and radio commentators, security observation, lighting, scoreboard, and PA system are all found on the third level.

The stadium gallery with a seating capacity of 3,000 is fitted with benches, retractable seats and bucket seats. The stadium can accommodate 10 courts for training purposes and at least six international standard courts for tournaments.

Air-thrust flooring has been installed in the arena to provide better impact for the players. The playing arena is equipped with an adjustable lighting network and a full air-conditioning system.

The stadium is serviced by city bus liners and the LRT.

Training and Warm-Up Venues

  • City Hall Youth Complex Located next to the Badminton Stadium, this complex is equipped with three mobile rubberized courts and will also serve as the warm-up venue during the Games.
  • National Training Centre, Badminton Association Malaysia Located 3 km from the Badminton Stadium, this centre is equipped with 10 parquet courts.
  • Selangor Badminton Hall Located 4 km from the Badminton Stadium, this hall is equipped with five parquet courts.


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