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  BOXING: Rules

Boxing Ring
Ring Minimum size is 4.90 m square (16 feet) while maximum size is 6.10 m square (20 feet) inside line of ropes.

Platform Extends at least 46 cm (18 inches) outside line of rope.

Corner Pads Three different colours - red, white and blue. Well-padded to prevent injury.

Floor Covering Floor covered with felt, rubber or other suitable and approved material that covers whole platform.

Red/Blue Corner Corners occupied by respective boxers.

Neutral Corner Boxer must immediately go to farthest neutral corner after opponent has been knocked down.

Electronic Scoring Five working judges are positioned at ringside with desk-mounted keypad at each judge's position.

Electronic Scoring
Keypads are linked to mainframe computer at jury table and feature four buttons - red and blue scoring, and red and blue warning buttons.

Plastic Bag Small plastic bag fixed in two neutral corners outside ring for referee to drop cotton or tissue pads used by him to nurse bleedings.

Other Sports Rules
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