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Kuala Lumpur Velodrome, Cheras

KL Velodrome

The Kuala Lumpur Velodrome sits on 12 acres of land, off the Kuala Lumpur outer ring road. Travel time is about ten minutes from the Games Village in Bukit Jalil.

The Velodrome was built in 1988 with a 333.3 metre track constructed to a gradient of 8 - 37 degrees. The grandstand is sheltered by two Teflon fabric roofs to accommodate most of the 2,132 spectators in permanent seats. Temporary seats for 1,000 spectators are provided at the opposite end of the grandstand.

A tunnel leads the cyclists to the centre of the track where a warm-up track is available for their use.

All other facilities, such as changing rooms, repair room, press room, television and radio coverage room, and medical and doping control room, required for the successful organization of the international competition, are available.

The velodrome has also been upgraded to the international standard required for the Games with floodlights for night races.

Time Trial Course
The time trial course is situated at the same locality in the suburbs of Shah Alam. It is an undulating 14 km route with a fairly high climb, a turn down to the dual carriageway against the traffic, and a 'U' turn downhill to the starting/finishing point.

Road Race Course
The road race circuit of 15.4 km overlaps the major part of the time trial route, combining a reasonably flat and undulating section of the Shah Alam suburbs with two significant climbs. The second climb is at the five-and-a-half km of the route that runs along a ridge for about 700 m before descending to the dual carriageway and a 'U' turn downhill to the starting/finishing point.


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